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Artwork by Rok Dovecar


Thank you for visiting. This site is as a portfolio of caricatures by Rok Dovecar, a self-taught artist who uses celebrities as his main subjects, mainly from the movies, music and TV shows. With each project, his aim is to achieve the best possible likeness while exaggerating facial features to illustrate a humorous or grotesque portrait of the person being depicted. Every piece is treated as a work of fine art and takes much planning and research before even starting with a sketch.

Unlike many caricaturists, Rok tries to capture resemblance not only with facial exaggeration, but also the entire composition, theme, coloring, and pose that are best related to the subject. All these elements give the caricature the personality of its real-life counterpart that viewers are familiar with.

Most of the illustrations you see on this site are high resolution poster-size digital paintings, meant to resemble natural media like oil or acrylic paints.

Rok resides in Tokyo, Japan and is a member of the International Society of Caricature Artists.

Random Stars
Conan O'Brien
Matt Damon
Joaquin Phoenix
Cosmo Kramer
Will Smith
Leonardo DiCaprio
Antonio Banderas
Angelina Jolie
Christopher Walken

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